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“We have been extremely happy with your products and they have been an invaluable tool for us this season and have helped us significantly with our playcalling.”

- Erkka Vehomäki, Offensive Assistant Coach, Kuopio Steelers

“Overall our engineering team started using them … and have been impressed by the usefulness of the radios and headsets.”

- Todd Benko, Radar Replacement Program, Meteorological Service of Canada

"I’m happy for you to use our details on your website. The product we use works very well and I’m pleased with them and your service."

- Dean Colvin, Willow Video Productions

"We love it!!! I have used them in every game and my partner officials are wicked impressed (as we say in Maine). They notice the clarity, no noise from wind and quality."

- Deb Kalikow-Pluck, Field Hockey Officiator

"I bought the 3 user at first and upgraded to 4 just now. The comm is performing very well in all conditions... I'm extremely satisfied."

- Eduardo, Soccer Officiator

"Just got back from a double overtime high level High School game.. The Yapalongs were dependable, clear, easy to use and totally enhanced our umpiring level. A rating from me :)"

- Diane R., Field Hockey Umpire
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Personalize your Radios: Custom Laser Etching!

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As our Yapalong customers continues to grow, why not personalize your radios to stand out from the crowd? Introducing our...

New Sports Discount - 10% off

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Yapalong has been the ultimate choice for many sport officials and coaches in soccer, rugby, football, water polo and field...

Trade-In Yapalong-4000 for Yapalong-5000!

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Introducing our Trade-in program! Bring in your Yapalong-4000 radios to trade in for our Yapalong-5000 radios!