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Free Radio Health Check

This service is for customers who are unsure if their Yapalong radio is working properly or who want to ensure their Yapalong radios are working properly for upcoming events. Please following the below steps.

Step 1: The customer will ship the radio(s) to the Yapalong facility. Here is the shipping address for North America:

Customer Services
Yapalong Inc.
7895 Tranmere Drive, Unit 13
Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L5S 1V9
Tel: 1-(905)-405-0300



Note: When fill in the international shipping form, please indicate it’s a repair, with the value of $10 per radio. If you ship from US, please use USPS or FedEx, because UPS charges a high duty and processing fee.


Step 2: The customer will send an email to info@yapalong.com, to provide details about the issues encountered with their Yapalong radio if any, and also provide the shipping details.


The check will take 3 to 5 business days to complete.  If any repair is required, Yapalong will notify the customer and provide a quotation of the repair cost.