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Yapalong-5000 Series Overview

Yapalong Radio Technology

Yapalong is the name of our brand of full-duplex radio communications system, allowing for two-way conversation between users simultaneously. This results in a natural, phone-like conversation, and is compatible with open microphone and push-to-talk functions. With DualGroup Command, you can also take advantage of supporting two groups at once. As this is our own IP technology, we have been able to develop a competitive product offering good range, sound quality, and group size, while also being good for your budget. 

One major point of difference between Yapalong and its competitors is our unique "no-master" feature. Some companies advertise no base station, but there is always a master unit involved that handles this functionality, which ruins your connection should anything happen to the master. Not with Yapalong - our mesh network does not need a base station or master unit, which makes operation flexible and the connection robust. As long as at least 2 units of the same group are within range, they will be able to communicate without any interruptions. If a unit does wander out of range, the connection is automatically resumed when the unit comes back without any hassle. Our radio is specially encrypted, and noise-cancelling functionality is offered with any of the headsets you pair it with.

Yapalong-5000 Details



Cutting edge technology underlies the sleek appearance of the Yapalong-5000. Based on the Yapalong-4000, this upgrade sees reduced static noise, improved connectivity, obstruction bypassing, and increased resistance to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference. The new internal antenna design gives the radio waterproofing capabilities while remaining lightweight and compact. The accessories with each Yapalong-5000 radio include a belt clip and a charger with cable, and a backpack is included when 4 or more radios are ordered. This product line is extremely competitive, offering superior performance at an unbeatable price. In fact, we've had many of our clients tell us they've dropped previous brands just for Yapalong based on the sound quality alone. Give it a try and hear for yourself! 

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