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Headset - NC36 Overview


The NC36 headset utilizes Hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which combines feedforward and feedback ANC by placing one microphone on the inside and outside of the shell of each earbud. Hybrid ANC can suppress noise at a broad range of frequencies, adapt to and correct errors. The noise reduction ratio (NRR) of the NC36 is 36+ dB at low frequencies.


The oval-shaped ear tip conforms to the ear canal and blocks some of the noise physically. Physically blocking noise is called passive noise cancellation (PNC), PNC, which is effective at suppressing high-frequency noises.


The head hoop is a piece of successful ergonomic design. It has the following advantages:

 - It constrains the movement of the wires when the user is engaging in drastic body movement, thus to secure the earbuds inside the ears. 

 - It only adds a small amount of weight to the NC36. The whole headset weighs 56 g or 2 oz. The user will not feel the compression from the hoop, which avoids the ear pain and sweating. It can be worn for a long time without discomfort.

 - The user has the flexibility to wear either one or both earbuds at any time.

 - It does not interfere with the user's glasses.


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