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Boom MIC III Overview

Boom MIC III Technology

The Boom MIC III is a microphone mounted to an extendable and adjustable arm (known as a boom, hence the name). Boom mics are used when the microphone needs to be in a fixed position close to the audio source. As they allow for hands-free communication when using open microphone technology, boom mics are great for sports, security, event planning, industrial sectors, and any other area where the user may need to be physically engaged with their work.


Our Boom MIC III headset is a combination of great sound quality and comfort. The in-ear tip can effectively block outside noise while providing clear sound. It has 3 customization/adjustment features:

  •     - Ear mount: left or right ear
  •     - Concha support (to fix position in ear): short or long
  •     - In-ear tip: small, medium, or large.

This headset also allows Custom Molded Earplugs, a great option for your own personal headset! Download the manual for the Custom Molded Earplugs here.