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Maintenance/Disinfecting our Products

Maintenance Tips:

  1. • Keep the radio and headsets clean. Dust, dirt or debris can get into the radio and the headsets through some small openings or gaps causing them to malfunction. For example, they can get into the radio audio jack and the openings in the headset earpieces.

  2. • Keep the radio and headsets dry. Water can cause damage to the radio and the headset if it gets into the unit. The radio and the headset are splash-proof but not waterproof.


Cable Strain Relief

• Be careful with the cable strain relief. Never unplug the headset connector from the radio by pulling onto the headset cable or the cable strain relief which can damage the cable wirings. Always unplug by pulling below the plug.


• Only use Yapalong original charging adaptor and charging cable to charge.

• Store in foam padded carrying case or backpack, to prevent potential impact.

Yapalong-4000 radio

• Prevent the antenna from being bent. If the antenna cover or antenna is damaged, details about replacing antenna cover can be found from here, and replacing antenna can be found from here.

Disinfecting Tips:


Before cleaning, use a soft cloth or towel to remove any dust or dirt from the radio. 

• clean or disinfect by any of the products in List N provided by the EPA website. (ex. Lysol wipes, Clorox wipes, or other disinfectant wipes)
• do not immerse the Yapalong4000 radio in any cleaning solution (they are splash-proof but not waterproof)


Before cleaning, remove all the accessories (ear/mic foam coverings, in-ear tips) from the headset. 

clean or disinfect the headset with any of EPA's List N products (ex. disinfectant wipes)
• Mic and ear foams / In-Ear Tips -  wash in warm bath of dish soap and water and left to dry completely
• do not immerse our headsets in water or in any cleaning solution.

Vests and Armbands
• use a washing and drying machine 
• hand wash these items using detergent and left to dry completely 

*Avoid using diluted bleach on any of our products as they can cause damage  and have not been proven to kill the virus as effectively as disinfectant sprays or disinfectant wipes. 

The best way to protect yourself and others is to not share the radios or headsets. However, when this is not possible, we recommend each user to have at least their own set of removable mic foam covering, ear foam covering or in-ear piece.