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Yapalong-6000 Series Overview

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Note: The EU model will be available for order on May 20, 2024. 


The much-anticipated Yapalong-6000 radio that uses a Bluetooth headset has finally been launched! Despite Yapalong-6000’s simple and compact design, it boasts many of the cutting-technologies that Yapalong has been researching and developing over the years.  Some features include:

As there is an ever-increasing use of wireless devices, radios can be interfered by RF(radio frequency) waves from these devices, especially in crowded environments. The Yapalong anti-interference technology can detect other Yapalong radio signals, which increases the effective range. Another benefit of anti-interference is that it mitigates the body-blocking issue. Regardless of the anti-interference feature, the range of Yapalong-6000 is slightly increased compared to Yapalong-5000.

Unlimited Talkers

A Yapalong-6000 group can have up to 7 open-MIC units or 5 open-MIC units with unlimited PTT units. A Yapalong-6000 radio can toggle between OM (open-MIC) and PTT mode by the user.

Noise Cancellation
The Yapalong-6000 headset has built-in noise cancellation. Its microphone can extract the talker’s voice from a noisy background and then transmit it.


Note: Yapalong-6000 is NOT compatible with either Yapalong-5000 or Yapalong-4000.