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Yapalong-6000 Series Overview

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Note: The EU model will not be released until late 2023. 


The much-anticipated Yapalong-6000 radio that uses a Bluetooth headset has finally been launched! Despite Yapalong-6000’s simple and compact design, it boasts many of the cutting-technologies that Yapalong has been researching and developing over the years.  Some features include:

As there is an ever-increasing use of wireless devices, radios can be interfered by RF(radio frequency) waves from these devices, especially in crowded environments. The Yapalong anti-interference technology can detect other Yapalong radio signals, which increases the effective range. Another benefit of anti-interference is that it mitigates the body-blocking issue. Regardless of the anti-interference feature, the range of Yapalong-6000 is slightly increased compared to Yapalong-5000.


The relay units of Yapalong6000 can connect two Yapalong6000 groups remotely. The range of the connection is defined by the pair of the external antennas used by the relay units.

Unlimited Talkers

A Yapalong-6000 group can have up to 7 open-MIC units or 5 open-MIC units with unlimited PTT units. A Yapalong-6000 radio can toggle between OM (open-MIC) and PTT mode by the user.

A Yaplaong-6000 group can be divided into two or three subgroups. The Subgroup configuration needs to be custom ordered.

Noise Cancellation
The Yapalong-6000 headset has built-in noise cancellation. Its microphone can extract the talker’s voice from a noisy background and then transmit it.


Note: Yapalong-6000 is NOT compatible with either Yapalong-5000 or Yapalong-4000.


Specifications (AM model only. EU model is being developed.):

Yapalong6000 Spec