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Yapalong-6000 Series Overview

The much-expected radio with a Bluetooth headset, Yapalong-6000 has finally been developed successfully. In addition to its great convenience, it embodies the cutting-edge technologies packed inside its compact and simple form. Some are:


The radios are interfered by RF waves from the ever-increasing wireless devices, especially in the crowded environment. The Yapalong anti-interference mechanism can even detect the Yapalong signals under the stronger interferences, which increases the effective range. The other benefit of the anti-interference is that it mitigates the body-blocking issue.

Frequency Hopping is one of the methods tried by us to solve the interference issue. It is adopted by some radio manufacturers. We discovered that Frequency Hopping was not effective enough in the full-duplex radio applications. The frequency avoided by one radio is not necessarily the frequency that interferes with the other, and the latter might still get interfered with. Our anti-interference innovatively solved the problem.

Regardless of the anti-interference feature, the range of Yapalong-6000 is slightly increased compared to Yapalong-5000.


Yapalong-6000 is the first full-duplex radio that can relay, which finally matches one of the advantages of its half-duplex peer. The relay function is carried out by the relay units. The upgrade of the relay unit does not affect the radio unit. Current Yapalong-6000 relay unit can only relay once. The relay-twice unit will be developed by 2023. The relay feature is vital for the communications in many scenarios, such as in VAR (visual assistance referee) and drive-thrus.

Unlimited Talkers

A Yapalong-6000 group can have up to 7 Base units and unlimited Expansion units. The Base unit can either be open-Mic or PTT while the Expansion unit must be PTT.


A Yaplaong-6000 group can be divided into two or three subgroups. The Subgroup configuration needs to be custom ordered.

Sound Quality

Now the internal humming noise has been eliminated in Yapalong-6000. And more resolution has been added to its digital voices, so the voices are more recognizable.

The Yapalong-6000 headset has noise cancellation. Its microphone can extract the talker’s voice from a noisy background then transmit it.

Specifications (AM model only. EU model is being developed.):