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Yapalong Grouping


Yapalong uses ISM band (industrial, scientific, and medical radio band).
ISM band is from 902M to 928M Hz in North America.
31 channels are divided from ISM band in North America. We use 8 of them.

14 channels are divided for the EU model and we use 4 of them.



One Yapalong channel can be occupied by a single group as shown in the figure below, or by DualGroup.



1 Yapalong group allows maximum 8 Talkers and unlimited Listeners
(EU model allows maximum 4 Talkers.)




A group is set to handle 8 users ( 4 for EU).
The performance is not affected by the actual number of users as long as it is below 8 (4 for EU).


Yapalong Auto-Scan function allows the first unit turned on in a group scans for the cleanest channel in ISM band. It is not recommended to turn on radios at one location and use them at the other.


Yapalong group is mesh network or point-to-point network.
All units are equal.
It has neither master unit nor base station.


There will be a leading unit during Binding.
It is no longer a leading unit after Binding.


If some unit(s) move out of range, the group communication is not affected.

When the unit comes back, its communication with the group resumes automatically.


2 groups can be hardwired by Interface Cable. Check the link for details.