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Yapalong-5001 DualGroup

DualGroup is the function where a channel is split into two groups: Group X and Group O. Yapalong-5001 radios are implemented with the DualGroup function. A Yapalong-5001 group allows up to 8 users and unlimited listener radios. 


Signals that are beside each other in frequency to the desired signal cause adjacent channel interference (ACI). By sharing one channel (one frequency), Yapalong DualGroup radios completely bypasses ACI. This means the two groups will be fully separate and there won't be any interference! 



To use the Dualgroup function, a DualGroup 2C Cable is required. During the binding process, use the 2C cable to designate each radio to their respective groups, X or O. Group X radios can switch between the two channels and the group O radios cannot. When binding is complete, any radios that has been bound into the X group can switch between the two groups seamlessly using the 2C cable.


Below is a quick video tutorial on how to use DualGroup! 


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