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Yapalong at 2021 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Tournament

by Ellie Chen | | 2021, Event, NCAA, Volleyball | 0 Comments

This year's NCAA Women's Volleyball tournament was as fierce as ever with Texas versus Kentucky facing each other in the championship round on April 24, 2021! Although in the background, Yapalong is proud to be part of supporting such a grand event! During the intense game, two of the referees and two of the side judges were using Yapalong-5000 throughout the game.


“Yapalong helps to get the right call faster”


Our technology which provides a clear channel of voice communication allowed the official's work to be more efficient in conjunction with the different hand signals. However, the conversations between the scorer and the second referee were difficult to carry out due to sole reliance on their voices on top of the masks obstructing the sound within a noisy stadium. This then raises the question: Would it be a good idea to also equip the scorer at the table with a headset to communicate with the second referee? 


Congratulations to Kentucky for their hard-earned win and their first champion title!

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