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Disinfecting and Maintenance Tips

by Ellie Chen | | | 0 Comments

As the world is gradually opening after the pandemic, Yapalong is back in use at sports fields and workplaces. At such time, we would like to help by sharing some disinfecting and maintenance tips for Yapalong products. If well maintained, Yapalong radios can last for long time! As a result, many clients have been using Yapalong-4000 for 7 years, since the product's initial release.



SwissDrones, Helicopter VTOL UAV For Superior Endurance, uses Yapalong since 2017.

Here are their comments:

“We use the radio to communicate during our flight operations between all the flight crew who are needed. The radio helps communication due to distance and/or noise. We like your products because it is hands free use, no need to press to talk. The other factor is the quality/price ratio which is really good…”


There are two Yapalong Maintenance Centers that have been recently established in Europe, one in Denmark and one in Greece. European Yapalong users can have their radios serviced there. Both of the maintenance centers provide diagnose and repair services. The details of the centers can be found here

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