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Yapalong at Love Your Neighbour BBQ

by Kyle Lacroix | | 2019, Event | 1 Comments

Cover Image: D&D Ministries band playing some soulful music 


Just over a week ago ( on Saturday August 24th), we had the wonderful opportunity to help out at a local event in Brampton, Canada, called "Love Your Neighbour Big Community BBQ", which was hosted by Destiny & Dominion Word Ministries. This event featured free admission for everyone, including activities for kids, free food, basketball, live music and more! Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown as well as Pastor Marcus Martinez were present to give support. While hosted by the local church, the event was open to all, which made for a great and interesting time!


Left: Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Right: Myself!

In order to help facilitate the event, Nautic Devices lent the use of several Yapalong-4000 radios with Boom II Headsets for use. The radios assisted in allowing Destiny & Dominion coordinators to collaborate with each other while at different points of the venue, and to help maintain the day's itinerary. I was able to trouble a few of the coordinators for a few snapshots of these wonderful people with the Yapalong in action!


  Left: Pastor Rosie Cooke, Center: Michelle, Right: Nadia Persaud, all terrific ladies!


Major thanks to D&D Ministries for a fantastic time, and to all others who showed up to participate. Besides being a great opportunity to flaunt our product and to consume all the hot dogs, it was great to be a part of something wonderful in the Brampton community! 



Panoramic shot. Looking forward to next year!



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Dean Heaton / Reply

Thanks Yapalong! The tech played a big role in ensuring the events of the day unfolded smoothly and efficiently!

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