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Yapalong-5000 Series - What You Should Know

by Kyle Lacroix | | Features, Full Duplex Radio, Product, Technology, Yapalong | 0 Comments

Though visually indistinguishable from each other, there are some important differences to consider when choosing between the Yapalong-5000Yapalong-5001 and Yapalong-5002 models. This article will touch up on the advantages of upgrading from our classic radio, as well as highlight the differences in each model.


The classic Yapalong-4000


While the Yapalong-4000 has long been (and continues to be) a stable and reliable product, we identified areas in which we could make some improvements. The upgrade to Yapalong-5000 saw an improvement in range, quality, and obstruction bypassing. Additionally, there has been increased resistance to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, while the new internal antenna design gives the radio waterproofing capabilities. An all-new design and colour scheme helps provide a fresh look while keeping us out of the aesthetic dustbin!


Welcome to the future, Yapalong-5000!


Now that we've discussed the 5000 series overall, we can break it down further. Yapalong-5001/5002 has a powerful and flexible function called sub-grouping. With this, you can divide one group into two separate subgroups, X and O. 2-channel capability is enabled with the 5001/5002 models when paired with the proper single muff headset or dual muff headset


Lastly, the difference between Yapalong-5001 is that it is an 8-user group max, while Yapalong-5002 is a 16-user group max. When using the sub-grouping function, the you can have any combination of users for both X and O groups, provided it does not exceed the group max. The trade-offs between the models is very simple: 5001 has a standard group max while working at peak performance, while 5002 makes a minor trade in range to double the group max.


 16 users for when coordination becomes paramount!



Yapalong-5000 Series Differences Summary

Model Number: 5000 5001 5002
Subgrouping Function: No Yes Yes
Max Users in Group: 8 8 16
Max Range: 1,100m 1,100m 800m




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