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Water Polo: How Yapalong is Changing the Officiating Landscape

The Yapalong full duplex communications solution has come a long way in the last few years. Our success story has been driven by a tremendous product offering on our two lines: Yapalong-4000 and Yapalong-5000. These platforms offer a well-designed, well-engineered, robust and affordable two-way radio platform, enabling Yapalong to be used in many applications wherever hands-free conversations are required. These applications include industrial, military, production, and our core customer base: Sports Officials.


This year, after much thought, research and feedback, we’ve launched our bundled offers designed to target referees and coaches: DualGroup Command, Referee Starter and Referee Elite. This is a testament to the strong relationships we build with our authorized resellers and their clients throughout the world. A good percentage of our business is driven by word-of-mouth, something I believe is noteworthy in today’s digital economy. This networking has made the Yapalong name strong in many regards, much in thanks to our dedicated resellers. A key contributor to this success is Hi-Wire Communications, owned by John Gaw. John brought us into a new market we had not yet tapped ourselves: Water Polo Officiating.


 On the left!


John is not only a reseller to this key market; he is also a part of it. John has worked with Officials from all over the world to provide the appropriate Yapalong models and audio accessories: USA, Australia, Puerto Rico, Japan, USWP, FINA, and NCAA. John also walks the walk, using Yapalong radios at tournaments around the USA. Feedback from his customers have been instrumental in the development of the Yapalong product lines.


 Yapalong and Hi-Wire Communications at the CES 2019


John mentions four major advantages when using Yapalong radios during Water Polo games:


1.       Allows for greater collaboration between Officials. Teamwork that creates a better product regarding officiating.


2.       Creating a better “flow of the game” by eliminating the need for Officials to walk around the pool for a face-to-face discussion that can easily be had over a communication system. This can easily save up to 2 minutes for every major call that needs to be examined.


3.       Evaluators can now hear how the Officiating Crew is working together, listening into important discussions.


4.       Allowing other officials to hear the comments of the coach on the other side of the pool.



John and Hi-Wire have also had successes in the American Football market, selling solutions to both Coaches and Officials. While an extremely popular sport, it is no small thing to penetrate the football market. With the amount of money invested at nearly every level of the sport, many options are available to teams and officiating crew. Fortunately, with John on our team, both Hi-Wire and Yapalong score touchdown after touchdown with each new client. No matter the application, creating more efficient communication is the goal, and John scores on this account many time over!



Without a doubt, the efforts of John at Hi-Wire Communications have been outstanding, and we believe that he deserves a mention from Yapalong officially. With the water polo tournaments at the 2020 Summer Olympics scheduled to take place at the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center in Kōtō, we expect this international sport to continue growing. Twenty-two teams (twelve for men and ten for women) will compete in the tournament, an increase of two from the previous editions. This will no doubt result in a stronger need to communicate more quickly and effectively during matches, and we have faith that both John and Yapalong will be there to offer the best solution!


You can reach John anytime at John@hi-wirecommunications.com, or feel free to call 353-429-0027.


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