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Trade-In Yapalong-4000 for Yapalong-5000!

by Ellie Chen | | 2020, Equipment, Full Duplex Radio, Product, Radio, Trade-In, Yapalong | 0 Comments

Since our humble beginnings with our launch of the Yapalong-3000 in 2007, we have continued to focus on design and innovation by delivering new and improved products such as the Yapalong-4000 radio in 2014 and the recently launched Yapalong-5000 radio in 2018!


We have continued to boast the unique “no master” peer-to-peer network and have continued upgrading our radio technology with each new product. From (the now obsolete) Yapalong-3000  to Yapalong-4000, we tripled the range of 300 meters line-of-sight to 900 meters! From Yapalong-4000 to Yapalong-5000 we increased the range yet again from 900 meters line-of-sight to 1,100 meters, and have significantly reduced the background noise. Many months of research and development go into each of our products with our continued focus on delivering a simple and sophisticated design while being user-friendly.


Although we proudly boast to being one of the best, we still offer our products at an unbeatable price! We value our customers and want our past customers to be able to benefit from our advancements as well! Thus, we are offering a trade-in program!


The trade-in program can be accessed here on our website or from partnered stores that sell Yapalong radios (give them a call!). By sending us back the older model of Yapalong-4000, you can get a Yapalong-5000 unit at a discounted price! It’s our way of thanks for choosing Yapalong for your communication needs.


Of course, this trade-in program will continue to be updated when newer models come out!


We strive to put our customers first! We are always reply promptly and will answer any inquiries you may have before you order. We would love to hear from you about how our products have aided you in whichever field you may have used it in.


Stay tuned by checking in once in a while or subscribing to our mailing list!

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