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Personalize your Radios: Custom Laser Etching!

by Ellie Chen | | 2020, Product, Radio | 0 Comments

As our Yapalong customers continues to grow, why not personalize your radios to stand out from the crowd? Introducing our new service: Custom Etchings! From team logos, quotes, or even stylized photos, we can etch almost any design onto your radios. It is also a great way to distinguish which radio belongs to you thus preventing mix-ups and potential thefts! 


How to order: 

1) Place your order from our Custom Etchings page

2) Send a email to sales@yapalong.com with your desired image (we accept all common image files such as .jpg, .png, .tif, .ai, .pdf.) and some specifications of where you would like your image etched.

3) A preview image of the proposed etch will be sent in reply for approval

4) Once approved, the order is complete!  


Here's a sped-up video on how the laser etching will be done!


Add that personal touch to your radios today!  

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