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November Newsletter

by Kyle Lacroix | | Boom MIC II, FIFA, Newsletter, Product Upgrade, Referee Store, Remembrance Day, Subscribe | 0 Comments

Winter's almost here, but not quite yet! Enjoy the last of 2019 while you can!

This month, many of us observe Remembrance Day on the 11th, especially us Canadians. While it carries a slight difference in wording (Veteran's Day in the United States, ANZAC Day in New Zealand) and timing (Sunday that falls closest to November 11th in South Africa, April 25th in New Zealand), it honours the same purpose. We hope you take your moment of silence to respect and remember those who have served during times of war, conflict and peace. 

I have decided to start blogging about our newsletter. If you're a subscriber (thanks to the many thousands of you for your dedication), then you've seen this right when it hit! But for those who are coming across this for the first time, I want you to be able to see our engagement. And for the loyals or those who are just curious, you can leave feedback in the comments here. I'm always looking for improvements, so let me know!

Take a look at the newsletter here. A quick summary:

- Boom MIC Redesigned (upgrade!)
- Reseller Spotlight: Referee Store (check out their awesome e-store!)
- FIFA Event (recounting our experience in Zurich, Switzerland)

Take care!

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