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New to Yapalong: NC36

by Ellie Chen | | 2021, Headset, New Product, Product | 0 Comments

Say hello to our newest product: our noise-cancelling headset, NC36

With many requests and feedback from our customers, Yapalong has spent long months developing our version of the noise-cancelling headset! They're perfect for clearer communications in a noisy indoor environment and will be available on March 22, 2021 on our online store! 

The headset's controller can power on or off the noise-cancelling function. With a full charge, this function can last for at least 8 hours! It can still work as a regular headset when the function is turned off. 

So how do these headsets work? 
The NC36 headset uses "Active Noise Cancellation". A small microphone is positioned on the inside and outside of each earbud to receive the surrounding noise and the technology within the headset creates 'opposite' sound waves to cancel it out. Thus, eliminating most of the noise so the message can come through loud and clear without needing to increase the volume to an excessive amount.


Picture Source: The Information Minister 


So why the name "NC36"? The noise reduction ratio of the NC36 is 36+ dB at low frequencies, thus our 'Noise-Cancelling 36+ dB" Headsets are created!

Regular ANC only requires one microphone to capture the surrounding noise and diminishes the noise accordingly; however, our headset uses a hybrid ANC. The headset has two microphones for both feedforward and feedback mechanisms to be able to diminish noise at 36+ dB, which is greater than the average noise-cancelling headsets. Thus, creating a quiet 'space' within a noisy environment. 


We are excited to give this new option of a headset for our Yapalong users and would love to hear opinions on this topic! Do you prefer regular headphones or a noise-cancelling variant?

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