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New Sports Discount - 10% off

by Ellie Chen | | 2020, Discount, Sports | 0 Comments

Yapalong has been the ultimate choice for many sport officials and coaches in soccer, rugby, football, water polo and field hockey. In recent years, there are also sport professionals from other sports (such as volleyball, ice hockey, and basketball) joining the Yapalong users group. Especially during the pandemic, the use of radio communications has made social distancing more feasible. Thus, we want to provide a special welcome for those considering radio communications as a new norm of officiating in these new areas of sports.


Eligibility: Any sports outside of soccer, rugby, football, water polo, field hockey.

Discount rate: 10%

Discount duration: Nov. 15 to Dec. 31, 2020

It is recommended to order through an affiliate sports organization.
(which will later be listed on Yapalong.com as a client)


Please contact sales@yapalong.com to receive a personal discount code. 

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