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Subgrouping function comes to EU Yapalong models

by Kyle Lacroix | | | 0 Comments

Europe and the Americas (especially Canada, the best place ever because I live here, come and visit me eh?) share a lot in common with one another. Unfortunately for officiators, work crews, event managers, security teams and anyone else that relies on radio technology, you may have dealt with the headache of frequency bandwidth differences. 

Read past this paragraph if you're familiar with frequency bands. To those who don't know, MHz (or MegaHertZ) is used to measure the transmission speed of electronic devices (like the Yapalong radio) along the electromagnetic spectrum. We portion and classify these for different uses, but this varies depending on where you live in the world. If you use a radio, it has to operate at 800MHz (specifically 863MHz to 870MHz) in Europe and 900MHz (specifically 902MHz to 928MHz) in the Americas. This is due to regulations, but that is story for another time!


Subgrouping has been a feature only available on AM (Americas) models - but not anymore! We have EU models for Yapalong-5001 and Yapalong-5002 with this feature now in production, and we expect these to be ready for order by February 2020. And don't worry - if you already own the Yapalong-5000 (or even the Yapalong-4000) in good functioning condition, send us a message and we will happily upgrade you to the subgrouping units of your choice. You'll only have to pay the difference in price rather than the full cost!


Start off in 2020 with the advantage you need to reach the targets you've set!

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