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FIFA Lists Yapalong As A Communication Systems Provider

by Kyle Lacroix | | Equipment, FIFA, Football, Full-Duplex, Headset, Officiating, Radio, Referee, Soccer, Sports, Yapalong | 1 Comments

Let's start off by congratulating the USA for a spectacular and well-deserved win this year in France during the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019, with a shout out to the Netherlands for putting up a good fight in an exciting final game!



Before this year's world cup wrapped up over the summer, FIFA had announced a list of inspected VAR and communication systems providers back in March. It is with great pride that we, Nautic Devices Inc., have been listed here. In fact, the top referees of FIFA has been using the Yapalong-4000 ever since its launch in 2014!



Though the Yapalong-4000 has been a trusted option in the past years, we would like to take this opportunity to showcase the next generation, the Yapalong-5000. Already popular with the refs, and with improved range, sound quality, obstruction bypassing, and increased resistance to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, this premium radio is setting a new standard of quality for full-duplex radios. The new internal antenna design gives the radio waterproofing capabilities while remaining lightweight and compact. Best of all, it is backwards compatible with Yapalong-4000, giving your budget a lot of breathing room and flexibility when considering an update to your equipment.


I'd like to wrap up this post up by letting you know that we have been graciously invited to the 2nd FIFA Quality Programme Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland. We are excited to attend, as it gives us the opportunity to network and to present our views on the development of innovations in football. This is happening in October of this year, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear of our experience and thoughts on the trip!

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Zamani / Reply

Good day,
I am a Referee from ESWATINI, am really interested on the Yapalong 400 or 500
Please advise on the price,

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