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Coach-5001: Ready for Game Day!

by Kyle Lacroix | | Coaching, Equipment, Features, Headset, New Product, Product, Subgrouping, Yapalong | 0 Comments

When it comes to any competitive team sport, communication is absolutely essential to achieve success. A team of all-stars will flounder against a team of run-of-the-mill players if the right information isn't relayed at the right time. It requires an all-in effort from everyone on the team, from the players to the coaches (and sometimes the fans!). Even if you aren't the one communicating, you likely should be the one listening!


Introducing the Coach-5001! This set includes the Yapalong-5001, which has the advantage of subgrouping. While similar to 2-channel functionality, subgrouping is the better option when you need to isolate a group for privacy, such as keeping commentary between coaches and assistants private from players while still being able to communicate with them. Coaches and assistants can utilize 2-channel hardware to switch between groups to interact with both, while the players will be restricted to their own group only.


Coach-5001 includes a radio and your choice of Heavy Duty headset


Developing good communication between coaches and players results in better, more effective teams that are able to implement strategy with more speed and precision, as well as being more adaptive to changing game conditions. Athletes tend to respond more positively to coaches who provide positive feedback after a good performance effort and corrective instruction and encouragement after a performance mistake. With Coach-5001 technology, you can trust that players will get the instruction while the coaching assistants can keep commentary private.


Check out the set and all the options here!

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