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Interface Cable is used to connect Yapalong radios and connect Yapalong radio with the other devices.
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Application 1: Interface between 2 Yapalong groups
By joining 2 groups, you will be able to
-Increase group size from 8 to 14 (AM model) and from 4 to 6 (EU model)
-Double the range
-Overcome major RF wave barrier

Application 2: Interface between Yapalong and the other device
You may connect Yapalong radio with following devices:
-Cellphone, so 2 remote groups can be joined;
-Recording devices, so event can be recorded;
-Loud speaker, so a group of audience can hear…

Nautic Devices cannot guarantee that the connection works with all audio devices although it works with most devices. Certain adjustment regarding to relative position and angle is required to avoid RF wave interference and to achieve the best sound quality.

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