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Troubleshooting Tips

Identify it's a radio issue or headset issue
  1. Identify good headset, connect it with the radio of concern.
  2. If the issue persists, it means it's a radio issue, otherwise it's a headset issue.
Identify which part of the radio is having issue.
  1. Bind the radio of concern with another good radio by following the binding procedure, https://yapalong.com/pages/application.
  2. Test the radio of concern to see if it can hear from the good radio, if not then it's a speaker related issue.
  3. Test the radio of concern to see if it can make the good radio heard, if not then it's a mic related issue.
  4. For Yapalong-4000, if both step 3 and 4 works in short distance but not work after 50 meters, it could be an antenna related issue.

Yapalong-4000 antenna issue can be fixed by replacing the antenna. Speaker or Mic issue needs to be fixed by the manufacture, Nautic Devices Inc. Please contact sales@nauticdevices.com.