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Yapalong™ Coach4000 is the combination of Yapalong4000 radio and noise-canceling headset. Yapalong4000 radio is used as coach beltpac. It is conferencing system allowing 8 people talking simultaneously with unlimited number of listeners.

Coach4000 requires no base station. It has no master unit. Furthermore, it needs no setup as required by other coaching system.

Coach4000 uses 900M Hz frequency band, avoiding the over-crowded 1.9G or 2.4G Hz frequency band used by other coaching system. Not only does the use of 900M Hz reduce interference greatly, also gives much better range by nature.

Coach4000 headset is very suitable but not limited to coaching purpose. Its noise reduction rate reaches 23 dB. Its microphone is directional in hyper-cardioid style so only gathers voice from the person who speaks without taking in environmental noise.