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Antenna Cover Snapping Prevention

New antenna cover might snap under impact.

Pre-bent antenna cover does not break under impact.

To avoid the breaking of antenna cover , after you get a new unit, please bend the cover left, right, front, and back once each direction slowly, at about 90 degrees.

The root of the internal part of antenna is a wire so it will not cause malfunction when antenna cover is bent.


Procedures to replace antenna cover

In case the antenna cover breaks before you pre-bend it. You need to replace the broken antenna cover following those steps:

Step1 Open front case

Step2 Remove broken antenna cover gently

Step3 Assemble front case back (Make sure the board is flush with the screw boss)

 Step4 Insert new antenna cover into the antenna base


Note: In case you need to replace the whole antenna, it will be good to learn that the brass flange of the antenna has tight fit with the corresponding slot on the plastic back case to prevent the rotation of the antenna. It is suggested hammer the flange into the back case gently. Then proceed with Step4.